Smart solutions

Smart solutions

Give us your most complex challenge and we will turn it into a smart solution.

Do you need an ambitious, custom-made, high-tech solution? We can’t wait to get started on it.

Let our knowledge be your competitive advantage

Our biggest advantage is that we’re constantly learning. We invest in research projects that focus on the intersection of business, science and technology. We also actively participate in several development projects, as well as in chambers of commerce. The insights that we gain are put to good use and help to further improve our clients' solutions.

Our development team consists of internationally renowned experts in the fields of innovative and breakthrough technologies: blockchain, mathematical optimization, artificial intelligence, computer vision, data science, network analysis, cybersecurity and others.

Members of our team are constantly gaining new knowledge by cooperating with international research centers that are driving changes in the areas mentioned above. These centers are the University of Toronto, University of Ljubljana, University of Primorska, Open University in the United Kingdom and others.

Your solution will be future-proof

Take advantage of our rich knowledge and experience in the most sought after areas, which include:

Blockchain technologies

which we have been closely observing since 2012 and have extensive experience with developments in both public and private blockchains. We pay special attention to the development of smart contracts, cybersecurity and consensus building in trustless environments. In recent years, we have developed, among others, ACE.Trade, a platform meant for easy entry into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Data science

takes care of optimizing data management, which is increasingly important. Several employees of the company have doctorates in big data algorithms, networks and other mathematical structures.

We manage one of the most extensive collections of graphs in the world, Atlas Gregas, which contains millions of graphs. We are also involved in several projects relating to the management, analysis and processing of big data within a company. One example is DA.RE. - Data science pathways to RE-imagine education, a European project that’s creating an education curriculum for data scientists.

Computer vision

is crucial when it comes to annotating big amounts of data. Abelium has extensive experience in the use of artificial intelligence, data mining and computer-vision technologies in databases. We’ve received multiple technology awards for solutions that have used specialized computer-vision algorithms.

We’re currently collaborating with the University of Toronto and jointly developing a tool for the automated annotation of objects in images and videos - TAS - »Toronto Annotation Suite«.

Artificial intelligence

has the power to optimize and automate a huge number of repetitive processes. It has the potential to save many hours that can be devoted to more meaningful work. Our team has developed solutions that use artificial intelligence for various processes, such as recognizing the quality and quantity of oil in olives, adjusting optimizations in logistics, scheduling work in warehouses, cutting steel, and understanding photometric data from European satellite stars, like the project Photo2Chem.


is one of the cornerstones of digital platforms and web portals. We regularly test our solutions and develop them in a way that minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and data theft. We are already monitoring areas of quantum computing that will be key to the cybersecurity of the future when the algorithms and new hardware will be able to crack the current protections.

We are active members of multiple initiatives

Working across Slovenia and Europe, Abelium employees participate in various initiatives and associations related to the development of digital transformation of business models and process chains:

Solutions and research:

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Transform your vision into a sustainable technology solution.

We are a trusted partner to many outstanding businesses. We are well known for our reliable solutions and innovative approaches to solving your user’s issues while implementing your vision.

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  • Wit, expertise, and empathy are hard to find in a person. Well, not with Abelium.
  • Abelium is a team of intelligent and highly-qualified experts for solving business problems with digital solutions.