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Infrastructure program I0-0047

Infrastructure program I0-0047

Upgrading services, providing support and maintaining scientific infrastructure

Project duration may 2015 - dec 2021

The infrastructure program and the achieved results were created in the framework of research activities funded under the "1000-13-2975" and "1000-14-2975" contracts, with funding for its implementation provided by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS).

Abelium's infrastructure endeavour

We aim to achieve the following goals through our infrastructure program:

  1. Upgrade, maintain and support the encyclopedia of graphs, with the aim of it becoming the most influential library of graphs and other combinatorial structures.

  2. Enable access to net.Plexor for researchers and offer community support.

  3. Provide end-to-end infrastructure and expertise for hosting online research publications and conferences.

  4. Enable access to the ADMflow tool for visualization and analysis of flows with the help of high-frequency cameras. Also offer community support.

Realization of the program

Encyclopedia of graphs


  • Editorial system.
  • Citation system.
  • An interface that generates an on demand graph presentation in the form of a neighbor list.
  • 8 new collections of graphs.


  • Input system for networks.
  • 46 new networks with descriptions of individual networks.
  • Input of network resources and network formats.
  • 12 new network properties (dynamism, orientation, weighting, etc.).


  • 6 new collections of graphs.
  • 160 new networks with individual network descriptions.


  • 8 new collections of graphs.
  • 2 new network collections.


  • 6 new collections of graphs.
  • update of the cryptocurrency network collection.


  • 4 new collections of graphs.
  • update of the cryptocurrency network collection.



  • Analysis of two-tier networks.
  • Analysis of airport transfers.


  • Priprava vizualizacije 46 omrežij.
  • Preparation of 46 network visualizations.


  • Preparation of 32 network visualization.
  • Analysis of the forest-timber network.


  • Preparation of 42 network visualization.


  • Preparation of 12 network visualization.


  • Preparation of 14 network visualization.
  • New algorithms.

Online research publications and conferences support

  • Ongoing support for scientific conference implementations.
  • Ongoing support for scientific journal publications.
  • 2015: New ACSi Landing Page in the Content Management System (CMS).
  • 2016: 8th European Congress of Mathematicians (8ECM) hosting website preparation.
  • 2017: Infrastructure support support for the new journal "The Art of Discrete and Applied Mathematics".
  • 2018: Infrastructure support for hosting a chemical dictionary.
  • 2019: 8ECM organizing platform nad technical support.
  • 2020: 8ECM organizing platform nad technical support.



  • Cavitation erosion analysis.
  • Analysis of aerodynamic conditions on the wind tunnel model of the Nordic Center Planica.


  • Analysis of pressure-cavitation conditions in descaling.
  • Measurement method for non-contact and simultaneous measurement of velocity and pressure conditions in cavitation currents.
  • Study purposes use at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UL.


  • Validation of the program in the field of monitoring turbulent characteristics in fluid dynamics.


  • Program validation in the analysis of 3D printing of metals.


  • Analysis of laundry dynamics in a rotating tumble dryer drum.


  • Analysis of laundry dynamics in a rotating tumble dryer drum - continuation.

Program team

Similar projects

  • Program group P1-0294 - Computationally intensive methods in theoretical computer science, discrete mathematics, combinatorial optimization, and numerical analysis and algebra with applications in natural and social sciences.

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