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Abelium is a high-tech company formed by a group of math enthusiasts specialized in conducting research on complex problems in business and industry, and in developing skills, standards, technologies, tools, models and solutions.

We work in the fields of digitization, digital transformation, logistics optimization, financial technologies, machine learning, blockchain technologies, network analysis and smart city operations.

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What can you look forward to?

We aim to create an environment where people can develop their talents, bring added value to the team, and become an essential part of our innovative and successful projects. We value young talents with non-conventional thinking and out of the box ideas.

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    Passion and innovativeness

    We are passionate about what we do, and we are proud to be part of new, one-of-a-kind business solutions.
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    Help and support

    We help each other at realizing our projects. This way we learn from different projects and different perspectives and make sure best ideas and solutions are built in every project.
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    Autonomy and growth

    We support each other on the path of growth and help every individual to develop his/her “special powers” and become accountable for his/her area of work.
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    Team first approach

    We value every individual’s unique set of skills, but our main goal is to work as a well-oiled machine and support each other within our abilities to provide best solutions and customer satisfaction.
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    We are fast and responsive, always ready to learn new things and we value business and private (or student) life balance. To support that we try to find the best fit for every member of our team.
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    We are building an honest and welcoming work atmosphere, where we "play with an open hand" and friendly manners so everybody knows what to expect.

Benefits of joining us

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    Flexible work schedule

    We believe in good work – life balance. We're offering a loose working schedule, the possibility to work full time or part time, combining work and study, etc. all in an effort to help you succeed at what you do and have a satisfying life.
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    Blockchain technologies

    Working remote / office / hybrid

    We are convinced that you do your best work when you are in the desired work environment, so we allow you to choose it yourself.
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    Learn from renowned experts

    Every team member has its own talent set and career path to grow. Discover and build your competencies with experienced mentors and renowned experts.
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    Blockchain technologies

    Challenging projects

    Be a key part of the team or even a team leader in solving business issues on a global scale by using innovative applications of mathematics, data science, and cutting-edge computer science technology.
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    Blockchain technologies

    Advanced technology

    We adopt and adapt the latest technology to become more productive, collaborative, and innovative.
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    Blockchain technologies

    Competitive compensation

    We offer competitive compensation in accordance with your skillset, work experience and achieved results.

Job openings

Curious for more?

Don't hesitate! Check out our open vacancies and send us your application to pnerre@noryvhz.pbz or connect with us via chat.

Do you also offer internship/student work?

Sure! We can offer you challenging student work, flexible working hours, practical work experiences and what is most important full support from our team of experts to complete your education successfully.

We welcome postgraduate (and undergraduate) students with strong mathematical backgrounds (UL FMF, UL FRI, UM FNM, UM FERI, UPR FAMNIT, IJS, etc.) and a desire to learn programming skills. If you are already skilled in this area, we can help you get to the next level.

Are you a good fit for us?