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Izboljšanje procesa razvlaknjevanja mineralne volne - Z7-8271

ARRS Z7-8271

Improving the defibering process of mineral wool

Project duration maj 2017 - apr 2019

The ARRS Z7-7614 postdoctoral project of Dr. Benjamin Bizjan was funded by the Public Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (ARRS)](

Development of mineral wool insulation materials as end products

IzoInsulation materials play an important role in ensuring a healthy living and working environment, as they help to maintain a comfortable temperature and reduce sound pollution levels. At the same time, sufficient thermal insulation is essential in reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling - one of the fundamental conditions for sustainable buildings.

During the project, we developed algorithms for predicting and monitoring the quality of mineral wool and the presence of anything that degrades the quality of finished products or increases their price.

The results were used to modify the technological process of defibering via centrifuges. They are also being applied in new technological solutions in the production of stone and glass wool on a global scale.

By the end of the project, we had reduced the consumption of energy and raw materials in the defibering process.

Project goals

  • Goal 1: Design and construction of an experimental station for fiber production
  • Goal 2: Mineral melt fiberization modeling
  • Goal 3: Modeling of fiber pneumatic transport by the blow-away flow, and binder wetting
  • Goal 4: Modeling of the mineral wool primary layer formation on the accumulation grid of the collecting chamber
  • Goal 5: Pilot testing of project results in the industry

Development group

  • dr. Benjamin Bizjan (Abelium d.o.o.)

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