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Kumuluz Crowdsensing

Researching new technologies for automatic data collection and the measurement of crowd data

Project duration feb 2018 - jan 2020

KumuluzCrowdsensing has been approved for financing by the public tender "Incentives for Research & Development Projects 2", by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology - MGRT.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund - EU ERDF.

A platform for data collection on crowds in smart cities and communities

Crowd-sensing refers to data collected from different devices (including mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches and other wearables, IoT sensors, sensors from traffic infrastructure, etc.), which is being processed for the common good.

The goal of the project is to launch a platform that will:

  1. Collect, store, and process crowd data anonymously
  2. Make collected crowd data easily accessible via API for different stakeholders

Projekt želi demonstrirati uporabnost orodij za upravljanje podatkov množic različnim deležnikom zainteresiranim za razvoj inovativnih rešitev pametnih mest in skupnosti, npr. preprostih mobilnih ali spletnih aplikacij, zapletenih sistemov krmiljenja pametnih stavb, prometa, javne signalizacije, itd.

  • slika


    Development of a tool for selected targeting of user cohorts and creation of platform traction.
  • slika

    Blockchain technologies

    Using breakthrough technology to ensure data credibility.
  • slika

    User experience

    Components for easy communication with platform users.
  • slika

    Mathematical modeling

    Optimized mathematical algorithms for anonymized storage and sharing of user data.

The successful implementation of Kumuluz Crowdsensing will boost the development of innovative solutions for smart cities and communities, simplify their development, and make it easier for smaller teams and individuals to develop something impactful.

The main challenge that we face with this solution is how to achieve crowd-sensing while ensuring the highest levels of security and privacy. We will solve the challenge by:

  • Using blockchain technology for safe data storage
  • Using special algorithms for anonymizing data
  • Implement a platform with the help of microservices, cloud-native architecture, and DevOps.

Cilji in kazalniki projekta

Goal 1: The number of APIs for crowd-sensing: 3

Development of microservices for storing data in blockchain and the management of smart contracts: 1

Goal 3: The number of integrations for exporting crowd-sensing data from different systems: 7

Project partners

  • Sunesis, Innovative Technologies and Services, d.o.o., vodilni partner (dr. Eva Zupančič)
  • Abelium d.o.o., research and development, PE Zagorje ob Savi (dr. Boris Horvat)

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