Digital solutions

Digital solutions

Let’s bring your vision to life with an advanced digital solution that will help you achieve your goals.

We’ve been developing innovative digital solutions for more than 10 years, following both general best practices and insights from our own research.

The secret to the success of our digital solutions lies in our holistic approach.

A comprehensive approach for a top-notch solution

We take a close look at your business model in order to find out what could be optimized, how the solution will affect the model, where the opportunities for additional revenue streams lie, and more.

We place the target user at the center of our problem-solving process, using design-thinking methods and feature-driven lean development to create your solution. We want your product to fulfil the user’s problem while impressing them with its easy-to-use design.

Lean development of digital products means that we are constantly testing and improving the solution. Iteration ensures a seamless launch of your product or service.

Digitization: Improve and automate existing processes

Want to upgrade your business model and processes without significantly changing them?

You can do it through digitization backed by intelligent algorithms, our innovations and automation. Digitization makes it easier to adapt your business to emerging trends and accelerates growth.

We have lots of practical experience with digitization. We actively participated in various research and development projects in the field of digitalization in Slovenia and the EU.

We are constantly upgrading our skills and developing tools and services that give you an advantage even in the most competitive global markets.

Digital transformation: Realize your business potential

The three biggest benefits of digital transformation that our clients experience are:

  • a competitive edge due to new digital products,
  • business models that enable better scalability,
  • new revenue streams.

Digital transformation enables our clients to realize their potential for global or regional growth.

When it comes to digital transformation, nothing should be left to chance. We make sure it’s not. Business model changes are carefully planned, as are the implementations of the digital product, its building blocks, and algorithms. We take care to choose the right technologies for your specific needs.

Your digital transformation is in the hands of our development team, which consists of internationally renowned experts in the fields of innovative and breakthrough technologies: blockchain, mathematical optimization, artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity and others. We also include experts for your specific market and business model innovators.

The entire team is constantly gaining new knowledge and experience in all key areas of digital transformation by developing practical solutions or conducting research projects.

We are active members of multiple initiatives

Working across Slovenia and Europe, Abelium employees participate in various initiatives and associations related to the development of digital transformation of business models and process chains:

  • Co-chairing the commission "Ready 4D Future", AmCham Slovenia,
  • Members of the Strategic Research Innovation Partnership in the field of mobility in Slovenia SRIP ACS+,
  • Members of the consortium that is creating the Digital Innovation Hub in Slovenia.

Solutions and research:

Are you ready?

Transform your vision into a sustainable technology solution.

We are a trusted partner to many outstanding businesses. We are well known for our reliable solutions and innovative approaches to solving your user’s issues while implementing your vision.

Here’s what others say about us

  • Abelium’s team doesn’t wait for our ideas. They’re always on the lookout for overall improvements and they help us stay focused on the right aspects of our solution.
  • Wit, expertise, and empathy are hard to find in a person. Well, not with Abelium.
  • Abelium is a team of intelligent and highly-qualified experts for solving business problems with digital solutions.