SPIRIT Slovenija - Digitalization of SPIRIT's services

How our solutions accelerated digital transformation of public services for entrepreneurs

An all-in-one digital system that provides a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and easier access to all relevant information and funding. The platform was created and rolled out in cooperation with a public agency.

Project duration jun 2019 - In progress

The Slovenian government’s Business Development Agency (SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency) is a single point of contact for Slovenian entrepreneurs, potential investors, and international companies looking for new business opportunities.

Free of charge, the agency prepares and provides practical information and advice on various business opportunities in Slovenia. It also acts as a major hub for public tenders for entrepreneurship and export.

With so many activities and services, SPIRIT Slovenia was searching for a trusted partner who could digitalize their current efforts and create a sustainable solution going forward.

The challenge: Improve the accessibility of public services

Despite a strong network and supportive environment for entrepreneurs in Slovenia, information is usually granulated between different sources and stakeholders. As a result, it’s hard to trace and access support offered to local and international businesses.

By digitalizing its products and services, SPIRIT Slovenia aimed to improve the accessibility of its current services, enhance communication with its customers, and extend its offering.

  • slika
    User experience

    User experience

    We greatly improved user experience by analyzing user journeys and developing a new design.
  • slika
    Agile approach

    Agile approach

    We sped up the digitalization of services by applying agile methodologies.
  • slika
    Process transformation

    Process transformation

    We optimized the preparation, submission and processing of applications with the digital transformation of processes.
  • slika
    Efficient execution

    Efficient execution

    We cut the time of submission processing and processed 4,000 applications from submission to fund distribution in less than two months.

The solution: Digitalization and optimization of business processes to improve user experience

We worked on the gradual roll-out of digital products and services with end users in mind.

Before jumping into digitalization, we mapped user journeys and prioritized digitalization efforts with the use of agile methodologies. The goal was to slowly but steadily improve the agency’s services and optimize its business processes.

  • Business portal

    The renewed website www.spiritslovenia.si connects the digital services of SPIRIT Slovenia in one place.

    The renewed website of SPIRIT Slovenia

  • Green.Creative.Smart

    Revamped campaign landing page Green.Creative.Smart.

    Landing page Green.Creative.Smart

  • Single information point of preventive measures for COVID-19

    Revamped landing page Single information point for measures to support the economy to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

    Landing page of the single information point

  • Records of experts and contractors for startup and scalup companies

    Revamped landing page Records of experts and contractors for startup and scaleup companies.

    Records of experts and contractors

Based on this initial effort, we created several landing pages and an entrepreneurial portal with electronic forms to cut time spent on red tape. These were all integrated to a single backend for improved content and public tender management.

  • Content editorial

    Tools for editing and linking the content of various agency websites in one place in the backoffice.

    Content editorial

  • The integration of a support environment

    Tools for integrating, aggregating and coordinating information from support environment services.

    The integration of a support environment

  • All in one place

    Using the search engine to access information and support services.

    Search portal

  • Public tender managemenet

    Digitization of the entire work process of managing public tenders and calls, work with applications and applicants.

    Tools for tender managers


    User profile of the user (company) with access to electronic forms for applying to selected public calls and tenders.


  • Electronic application to the public call

    The fully electronic application to the public call supports the processes: application, validation, e-signing, submission of the application and receipt of the selection decision.

    Electronic application to the public call

The result

With the digital transformation of SPIRIT Slovenia’s services, we optimized and digitalized the submission and backoffice processing of public tender aplications. Consequently, this also minimized the error rate and significantly cut time from submission to receiving public funds.

Check out the new platform on www.spiritslovenia.si.

With Abelium’s solution in place, SPIRIT Slovenia managed to distribute funds to 4,000 businesses less than two months after their request submission.

Project partners

  • SPIRIT Slovenija, public agency

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