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A digital transformation of a business with innovative digital solutions and a decentralized system

Project duration mar 2020 - sep 2021

The operation DIGITRUST has been approved for financing through the public tender "Incentives for the digital transformation of SMEs" (slo.: »Spodbude za digitalno transformacijo MSP (P4D-C19)«) by the Slovene enterprise fund.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund - EU ERDF.

Abelium d.o.o. is a high-tech company renowned for its end-to-end innovative solutions. We are recognized as an IT company that understands and accelerates business models, thus having the ability to offer complete solutions for all digital business needs.

When it comes to developing innovative business models and their supportive technology, it’s crucial to foster innovation and excel in different innovation methodologies.

Digital transformation of services in trustless environments with energy efficient technologies

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    Digital transformation

    Development and upgrade of new digital tools and competencies of the company.
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    Environmental protection

    Reducing the environmental impact of the economy by foocusing on ecologically aware projects.
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    Blockchain technology

    Cutting-edge decentralization technology, smart contracts and cybersecurity application.
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    Mathematical modeling

    Business process automation by developing optimized smart algorithms.

The DIGITRUST project enables the lean and agile development of digital solutions in the areas of blockchain, mathematical modeling, sustainable development and digital transformation, all while improving our internal knowledge.

Based on the project results, we’ll strengthen our existing solution portfolio and level up our digital transformation competencies.

Main goals

Goal 1: Value added per employee increase of atleast 7.4%.

Goal 2: Successfuly implemented digital transformation in accordance with the action plan.

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