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How we simplified the world of crypto by developing a user-friendly fintech app - ACE.Trade

We developed an entry-level app for crypto trading. It simplifies the first steps in the crypto world for initiatives and first time traders, while staying compliant with regulations.

Project duration nov 2017 - In progress

Serving as a wallet, the secure mobile app represents a gateway between the worlds of finance and cryptocurrency.

We aim to enable end users and business customers to easily enter the crypto world.

The challenge

Even though there are many crypto wallets already on the market, novice traders are often confused by the terminology, system, and mechanism behind cryptocurrencies.

ACE.Trade is addressing the issue as it became an entry point into trading cryptocurrencies and learning about blockchain technologies.

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    We developed a custom customer review process in accordance with Slovenian legislation.
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    Blockchain technologies

    The platform is connected to four crypto networks.
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    User experience

    The solution was developed with the help of end-users for the best possible experience.
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    We use the latest cyber security methods.

The solution: User-friendly mobile wallet for trading crypto

The app is perfect for beginner traders who’d like to test the crypto waters in a simple and efficient way.

The project is rooted in our own interest in understanding end customers, managing products, implementing blockchain technologies, and a fintech solution. ACE.Trade is addressing two different FinTech markets - initial coin offerings of growing companies and crypto trading.

It was developed together with our partner ACEX d.o.o. and is comprised of a mobile app, back end, and a digital platform.

Abelium, in cooperation with ACEX d.o.o., makes sure the platform is/has:

  • Responsive, user-friendly design
  • Simple crypto trading
  • Innovative process for confirming the identity
  • Compliant with Slovenian regulations
  • Connected into a crypto network
  • Supports SEPA, Revolut payments
  • 2FA authentication
  • Excellent customer support
  • Access to major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum, and Ripple.
  • The top three cryptos

    Supporting Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).
  • Excellent customer support

    Quick response with key customer information.
  • Easy and safe to use

    Simple two-factor authentication and custom app cards.

The result

The user base of the platform is slowly growing from its launch. The majority of our customers are actively using the app as they appreciate the simplicity and the exemplary customer support it offers.

Additionally, we are building the long-term vision of a connected ecosystem of tokenized projects, the ACE.Economy, taking into account business trends of platform decentralization and development trends oriented towards society and users, thus reducing the gap between cryptocurrency traders and users.

While Abelium is the sole owner of the ACE.Trade brand, its support and maintenance is currently done by ACEX d.o.o.


While Abelium is the sole owner of the ACE.Trade brand, its support and maintenance is currently done by ACEX d.o.o.

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