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A project for developing the infrastructure, competencies, and elements of business models for logistical systems of contactless-charging electric vehicles.

Project duration oct 2019 - dec 2022

EDISON WINCI (ang. Eco Driving Innovative SOlutions and Networking - Wireless Induction Charging Infrastructure) has been approved for financing by the public tender "Demo pilots II 2018", by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology - MGRT.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund - EU ERDF.

Various forms of transportation contribute to approximately 30% of total CO2 emissions. In large urban areas, traffic is the source of nearly all harmful dust particles and NOx.

Pilot development and demonstration of a multimodal platform for electric vehicles

The EDISON WINCI project is addressing this issue. We’re using a comprehensive approach to the development of new green technologies in mobility and making electric vehicles available to the masses.

The development of innovative solutions like this not only requires changes in consumer behavior, but also in the behavior of providers of new cleaner solutions. Business models that enable change in the first place also need to be adapted.

In order to achieve such comprehensive improvements, integrated solutions are needed to enable a simple transition to electric vehicles, as well as new technology with a greater level of comfort and a better user experience.

The project is addressing wireless-charging technology as a catalyst of the green mobile revolution. It is based on creating a magnetic field and, consequently, an electric current between the transmitter coils in the carriageway or road, and the receiving coils in the vehicle.

The EDISON WINCI is developing solutions that will use contactless charging to help to:

  • Reduce the amount of batteries needed, thus lowering the weight and cost of vehicles
  • Achieve significantly longer electric ranges (with more charge at intermediate stops)
  • Easy charging (in dynamic execution without unnecessary and unwanted stops)
  • Reduce the negative environmental impact of battery production and decommissioning
  • Easy charging for the cost of electricity.

This will make electric vehicles more attractive to end users.

  • slika

    User experience

    We will enable payments and renting of e-mobility by deveolping a simple mobile app.
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    Blockchain technology

    We will research the distribution and traceability potential of blockchain technologies.
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    Payment system

    Single payment distribution to multiple recipients will be enabled by an innovative payment system.
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    This project is beeing developed in colaboration with the Slovenian industry giants.

During this project, we will thoroughly research the different technologies for system implementation. We will map buyer journeys and create a mobile app for renting e-vehicles. For optimizing payment, we will research blockchain technologies for increased transparency, then implement them in a pilot project.

  • An intuitive mobile app

    Charging monitoring, easy payments, charging history, excellent customer support.
    edison winci slika 1
  • Breakthrought technology

    Innovative EV improvements
    edison winci slika 2
  • Reducing environmental impacts

    EV infrastructure improvements
    edison winci slika 3

Project partners


  • Hidria, d.o.o. (dr. Vitoslav Bratuš)


  • Abelium d.o.o. (dr. Alen Orbanić),
  • GoOpti (Marko Guček),
  • ISKRA d.d. (mag. Simon Štrancar),
  • NELA, d.o.o. (dr. Špela Bolka),
  • Pošta Slovenije d.o.o. (Branka Leskovšek),
  • Sunesis, d.o.o (dr. Eva Zupančič).

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