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Menjalnica kriptovalut.


A project for developing a banking and trading platform, upgraded with an innovative connection between the financial, fintech, and crypto worlds.

Project duration feb 2018 - jan 2020

PLASMA (ang. PLatform for ASset MAanagement) has been approved for financing by the public tender "Incentives for Research & Development Projects 2", by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology - MGRT.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund - EU ERDF.

Raziskovanje novih tehnologij in razvoj platforme za trgovanje s kriptovalutami

The goal of the PLASMA project was to develop an innovative digital platform that, with the use of API, will be connected to different bank and crypto accounts.

  1. The transparent and centralized management of different bank accounts.
  2. The purchasing and trading of currency and crypto tokens of value.
  3. The storage of customer transaction history in full transparency using blockchain technology.

It provides a solution to the safe and efficient management of multiple financial accounts, while still being scalable and ensuring the highest levels of security and transparency.

  • slika

    User experience

    The solution lowers the entry barriers to crypto investing.
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    Blockchain technologies

    Integration of different blockchain networks and crypto exchange.
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    The solution of identification is compliant with legal requirements.
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    Payment system

    Automatic payments and integration with SEPA and PSD2.

In this project, we used cutting-edge technology in all development phases. From already-established API interfaces to a completely new private blockchain and our own optimization solutions, these technologies set a new standard in the Fintech industry. They enable simpler and cheaper asset management by connecting banking infrastructure with crypto exchange infrastructure.

Main goals and KPIs:

Goal 1: A bank and cryptocurrency exchange API interface. KPI: Uniform API access to banks and exchanges, which includes customer identification data.

Goal 2: A ledger of transactions in the form of a blockchain KPI: Blockchain technology will allow a public and anonymous ledger.

Goal 3: New concepts of generating pull on the platform KPI: Own token for stimulating activities and incorporating elements of game theory.

Project partners

  • Abelium d.o.o., research and development (Alen Orbanić Ph.D.), lead partner
  • Inštitut za inovativne tehnologije, d.o.o. (Eva Zupančič Ph.D.)

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