Da.Re - The use of data science to restructure education .


The use of data science to restructure education

Project duration sep 2016 - aug 2019

Project DA.RE. (DAta science pathways to Re-imagine Education) focuses on increasing the employability of graduates in line with the EU's higher education reform program.

The aim is to fill the gap between science and industry by providing long-term networks for the exchange of knowledge and competencies in the field of data science.

The DA.RE network will educate industry-oriented data scientists, enabling them to effectively help companies tackle the biggest challenges in the current data revolution.

Project goal and purpose

The purpose of the project is to create, improve and maintain cooperation between companies and universities in the field of data science. Such cooperation strengthens the European knowledge triangle in research, education and business, as well as raising awareness of Big Data’s potential in bridging the gap between these worlds.

Abelium’s main contribution to the project consortium is our expertise in data processing projects. Our extensive knowledge includes the optimization of data-driven processes, analysis of large networks, and the usage of predictive analytics in software development for processing large amounts of data - both in the real environment and in the cloud.

Project communication materials

Project group

  • AEA s.r.l., Loccioni (Italy), (lead partner)
  • Universita degli studi di Camerino (Italy)
  • Company for provison of services, research and development Nissatech innovation centre d.o.o. (Serbia)
  • Information Systems Lda (Portugal)
  • Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (Portugal)
  • The Open University (United Kingdom)
  • Vision Scientific Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Abelium d.o.o., research and development(Slovenia)
  • Univerza na Primorskem, Universita del Litorale (Slovenia)
  • eConsulenza di Gabriella Bigatti (Italy)
  • Associazione industriali della Provincia di Ancona (Italy)

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