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Mathematically supported geometric design

Integration of geometric design and mathematically supported processes for automated building construction.

Architectural design, integration of design with processes of construction as well as the construction itself, are becoming increasingly information-based. By participating on the research projects in the development of modern mathematically-based information systems to support architectural design and construction processes we have gained invaluable experiences.


While the current generation of design tools for support in architecture is relatively undemanding on the computational part, the requirements and demands for the new generation of "smart" tools are directed to intensive computation, paralellisation, full digitization of processes and with that, processing of huge amounts of data.

We expect that in the near future, Abelium d.o.o. will form a focal point for work in the area of development of information systems for design support in architecture that includes modules for optimization, distributed computation, visualization of complex objects, setting up information systems to manage complex business processes and development of e-services for support of teams working on architectural projects.