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Smart network and logistics management system.

The platform route.Plexor contains a collection of tools aimed at optimizing the distributions of goods. It is based on complex optimization algorithms and digital maps with GIS data to determine in real-time and then interactively adjust the optimal cyclic routes for delivery of orders from the warehouse to the location of recipients, taking into account the available fleet of vehicles, their capacities and further restrictions (time, order of visiting customers, etc.).


Main features

  • Integrated control center for road network and fleet management
  • Online system to support communication with local communities
  • Remote mobile navigation through on-board computers
  • Road network maintenance and control
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools
  • Offline and online route optimization
  • Planning and route scheduling
  • Weather model integration
  • GIS and mapping tools
  • GPS tracking

Total information control

  • Overview all your road network and fleet activities from a control center
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools
  • Instant in-detail insight into the dynamics of your network and fleet

Easy to use

Improve your operations

  • Use advanced routing and scheduling optimization algorithms to significantly improve costs of operations
  • Be more flexible, robust and make interventions manageable and more efficient


  • Become more environmentally friendly
  • Use weather conditions to your advantage
  • Use modern web & mobile platforms for better communication with local communities

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