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Center of Excellence InnoRenew CoE

Abelium as a member of the living laboratory "Living Laboratory InnoRenew CoE" welcomes the outstanding success of University of Primorska with partners, who have been successful in the European project to obtain funds for the establishment of the Centre of Excellence InnoRenew CoE

The European Commission has recognized the potential of the project of establishing the Centre of Excellence for Research and Innovation in the field of renewable materials and healthy living environment (InnoRenew CoE). The project aims to transform Slovenia into a society, which is focused on sustainable development, cyclic economy, human welfare and the use of its renewable resources. Europe's top institution for research and development and transfer of innovation in industrial practice, which will act as a mentor institution in the project, is the institute "Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research - Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut" (WKI).

Slovenian consortium partners, together with members of the living laboratory, led by the University of Primorska, aims to bring Slovenia a breakthrough to a leading position in Europe in the field of sustainable construction through the development of new, smart, sustainable and modern living environments, suitable for all ages.

More about the project: http://innorenew.eu/en