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Successful in the ARRS call

The company Abelium was successful with application for the call for (co-)financing of research projects

The company Abelium d.o.o. was, as a cooperative research partner, successful in applying for applied project of the Development of models for intelligent management of road transports. Our main concern will be exploring the theory, technologies, good practice examples and options for setting up a modernly designed intelligent logistics information cloud platform. Through the development of selected logistic problems we want to establish a prototype of a modern, safe, reliable, flexible and scalable cloud computing platform solutions that will form the basis for the construction of new enriched services in smart logistics networks modeled as logistics infrastructure as a service - LiaaS. We will focus on two key target areas:

  1. user and parts of the transport network segmentation according to various criteria for determining the target groups in different contexts;
  2. optimizing the use of the network according to various constraints and knowledge about what is happening in the network in a similar context.
In the project, that is co-funded by the ARRS and the companies Nokia Siemens d.o.o., XLAB d.o.o. and Abelium d.o.o., the company Abelium is a partner together with the UP IAM, Nokia Siemens d.o.o. and XLAB d.o.o. Project manager is doc. dr. Boris Horvat.