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Successful in the call VALOR 2010

The company Abelium d.o.o. was one of the six selected companies in the call "Promoting knowledge transfer - VALOR 2010."

An important strategic goal of the company Abelium d.o.o., which is specialized in conducting research in the field of complex problems encountered in business and industry, is the development of an efficient software library for analyzing large networks, available for integration into various applications. The tool Pajek (eng. Spider), developed at University of Ljubljana, is among the most important applications for social network analysis, which enjoys a high international reputation in academic fields. We intend to transfer the acquired knowledge about analysis of large networks using the project net.Plexor (from the call VALOR 2010) to explore opportunities for creating a commercial tool for analysis and visualization of large networks, which could be used in various information systems to increase their added value.