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The best Service innovation in 2012 award

iOliva - Fast and Reliable Olive Quality Harvesting Prediction

On the 7th Slovenian innovation forum our innovation iOliva was declared best service innovation of the year 2012. iOliva is novelty in the world and changes the established principles of operations and laboratory analysis for prediction of olive oil content.

In the world olive oil market is worth several billion USD. Oil producers most often sell their olives to processors; these collect large amounts of different sorts of olives and from the mixture they produce olive oil. For all the involved parties prediction of quality and quantity of oil content in the olives is very important as on these assessments the purchase price of the harvest is determined what affects the profit of all parties.

iOliva innovation replaces all the existing slow and expensive laboratory sampling methods (NIRS, NMR) with a very simple system which with the use of smartphone allows several times cheaper acquirement of reliable predictions. iOliva enables optimization of harvest planning and thereby increases the yield. The innovation has been reviewed and is used by key industry partners around the world.

With today’s award in the 7th Slovenian innovation forum iOliva is awarded the second time.

On the 23rd of May 2012 it has received a EuroCloud Award for the most innovative service.