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Our cooperation on an EU project - CaReWood

As part of the research program WoodWisdom-Net we, together with 17 partners from five European countries, managed to obtain a research project CaReWood - Cascading Recovered Wood.

CaReWood consortium understands and truly values the importance of wood materials and the management of recovered wood for the sake of environmental protection, as forests will not be able to adequately provide enough primary wood for the growing global resource demands without a significant improvement in resource efficiency of the whole value chain. 

The overall objective of this project is to introduce an up-grading concept of recovered solid timber and as a source for clean and reliable secondary wooden products within the European industry. The CaReWood project provides the conditions for the development of a business model for cascade use of wood recovered from building renovation and deconstruction, the furniture sector and the packaging and transport industries.

The scientific and technological objectives of CaReWood encompass to:
-    present authoritative forecasts of volumes and qualities of recovered wood;
-    design guidelines to facilitate future reuse;
-    develop software supported reverse logistic models for recovery of wood;
-    demonstrate the feasibility of industrial up-cycling technologies;
-    adopt certification and labelling criteria to cascaded wood;
-    evaluate environmental impacts and added value of wood cascading.

The idea behind CaReWood is to demonstrate realistic opportunities for a first step of wood recycling allowing a re-use of the material at the same stage of quality, by preserving the largest possible dimensions in order to open new possibilities of subsequent uses.