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Abelium successfully participated in the Erasmus+ call of interest: KA2 - Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher Education

Abelium successfully participated in the EU EACEA Erasmus+ call, together with other institutions from Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia and United Kingdom, with the project proposal “DA.RE.: Data science pathways to Re-imagine Education”

The EU higher education reform agenda created new pedagogical practices that focus on increasing employability of graduates, creating new types of study programmes aimed at meeting the needs of enterprises. Currently, there is a great obstacle in achieving prosperity is the misalignment between the job profiles demanded by the industry and higher education institutions outcomes. Universities need to adapt to global changing market needs, by aligning their research and education value chain.
Under this auspicious, a great opportunity to tackle unemployment is represented by Big Data. Finding the actual hands-on big data people that know how to transform huge data sets into meaningful information is extremely hard. Data scientists, a concept that hardly existed a few years ago, are now in high demand.
In this scenario, DA.RE. aims to fill the gap between academia and industry by providing a long term knowledge-competencies exchange network. This network will educate industry-oriented data scientists, able to effectively face companies’ greatest challenges related to the current data revolution.
DA.RE. project intends to give a significant contribution in the reform of teaching and governance, bridging the gap between higher education institutions and the business sector, in order to enhance the functioning of the “knowledge triangle”.
The main contribution of Abelium to this project consortium is in the expertise with real-life data-driven projects and in the knowledge of data-driven process optimization, large network analysis, usage of predictive analytics and big data in real and cloud-ready software development.